11 MARINE WAY, Stinson Beach


$775,000 [SOLD]


  • 1 bedroom studio cottage, 1 full bath
  • Beautiful garden, fully enclosed
  • Mountain ridge views
  • Wood burning stove 
  • Terracotta tiles
  • High ceilings 
  • French doors
  • Transom Windows 
  • Fenced yard with a lovely garden 
  • Short walk to beach and town

There’s a myth. From high above a rocky bluff, a man and a woman hike to the meeting place of love and freedom. They find a beached Gray Whale and ride it together into the sea. Thus Stinson Beach was born.
Has life dulled and slowed in the wrong ways? To get the energies moving, you must take a leap of faith.
Nestled under the mountains and in the soft sandy lap of the divine presence ruling the Pacific Ocean. This is the third house from the beach. 
The sun rays canter through the wide needles of the redwood growing in your yard. Bird calls rise, twirl, sink, and hover. The fog sits above you, soft like cotton. The wind, it travels across the swells from a hidden pure northern glacier. Along the four mile crescent-length of Bolinas Bay, the ionized air runs toward your heart along a white-sanded, clean, wide, caress-tender beach. 
This gem is a vintage studio beach cottage. With terracotta Spanish tile floors. With high ceilings and views of redwood rain-forested hills above. Great angles and light bouncing, dancing, shifting through the day. French doors opening onto a redwood deck. A wood burning stove with mythological creatures molded into its doors and sides. 
Hidden in the middle of the Stinson Beach village. With forever privacy features like original redwood fencing. A sheltered space for lawn chairs and hammock. A majestic redwood tree memorializing ancient deep-earth and sky-star magic energy. A private garden lush with succulents, flowers (the scent of jasmine), a Japanese-style rock path, and mystery. 
Watch the world go by from your hammock—the high electric green hills. You cannot rip your eyes away from them. Should you get up to get your phone for a photo? Just relax. Vow to remember this one thought, one feeling forever—and you will. Drift off to sleep.
Wake to grab your surfboard. Within seconds you’ll be in the cool, blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. Learn to paddle board, kite surf, windsurf, and kayak. Spot a shiny brown seal as it pops its head up from the kelp bed. Witness a pod of dolphins playing in the outer break. Look for the low bushy puff of air signaling a Gray Whale’s blow. This is the coastal life.
At night the waves roll in and crash as if in a relay race down the line. In their retreat, they cheer your enlightenment. Enter where the veil between the two worlds is thinnest. Here love and freedom converge.